1. Time For Farewell

A 96-year-old Toronto lady decided to sell her two-story house after living there for 72 years. She had always taken great care of her home and developed a deep affection for it. However, nobody expected that her property would make headlines upon hitting the market.

2. Something Lies Behind The Closed Curtains

Though the house looked pretty plain and ordinary from the outside, what the real estate agent found inside was absolutely incredible.

3. A Time Capsule

This interior is replete with luxury, radiance, and exceptionally preserved vintage furniture from the 1940s. Not a speck of dust could be found anywhere. It’s clear that this woman genuinely cherished her belongings. Room by room, the agent became more in awe of the house.

4. The Living Room

5. The Kitchen

6. The Dining Room

7. The Main Room

8. The Guest Bedroom

9. The Office Room

10. The Family Bathroom

11. The Basement

12. The Entertainment Room

13. The Woman Went Viral On The Internet

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