Paige and Artyon, two young dancers with an undeniable spark, captivated the audience and judges with their electrifying performance of “Footloose” on the popular talent show, AGT.

Their journey started in a dance class in California, where they immediately clicked on the dance floor. They then took their passion to the AGT stage, auditioning with “Barbie Girl,” which received mixed reviews from the judges. However, their infectious energy and undeniable chemistry earned them a spot in the Judge Cuts.

For their second performance, the dynamic duo chose the classic “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” which garnered a standing ovation from judges Heidi Klum, Mel B, and guest judge Seal.

Paige and Artyon returned for their next performance with a high-energy routine to “Footloose,” which showcased their incredible talent and skill. With Paige even starting the show on the judge’s table, the performance was filled with jumps, kicks, and twists that had the audience cheering.

Despite not receiving enough votes to move on to the next round, Paige and Artyon left a lasting impression on the judges, who gave them another standing ovation. Their performance was an amazing showcase of their abilities and the chemistry they share as dance partners.

The video below captures the entire “Footloose” performance that had the judges’ heads spinning and left the audience on their feet.

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