Every family prepares for the birth of a child in different ways. Some rush to the store on the first day of pregnancy to buy everything necessary for the baby. Others sign up for courses for expectant mothers, while some may hide the fact of pregnancy until the last moment. Some even organize a gender party to find out the sex of the child together with their loved ones.

However, our heroine today impressed everyone with her preparation for the birth of a baby. Danat Gidts, a resident of South Dakota, had been in excellent health all her life, but recently began to suffer severe back pain. Thinking it was kidney stones, she went to the hospital, unaware of what a routine examination could lead to.

During the ultrasound, the doctor became confused and called in more specialists. They discovered that Danat was actually 34 weeks pregnant with twins. Initially, she couldn’t believe it, but with the opening of her cervix at 4cm, she was urgently sent to the maternity hospital for a caesarean section.

After a difficult night, Danat woke up to find out that she had given birth to a boy and a girl. However, the physical pain continued as doctors discovered she was pregnant with a third child. The belated child was born healthy, a girl to support another girl in the maternity hospital. Danat’s family, including her husband Austin and their children Ronnie and Angelina, were shocked to hear the news.

The couple had been told by doctors long ago that they could no longer have children, so they stopped protecting themselves. The fact that they were pregnant with triplets was nothing short of a miracle. The family supported Danat, and the children were named Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki.

Even experienced doctors were amazed by this story, and they shared it with their colleagues. A fundraiser was organized to help the family, and more than £700 was raised. Now all the relatives have come together to support the upbringing of the triplets, knowing that it will take a lot of effort to pay attention to everyone.

What do you think of Danat’s story, who went from being a mother of two children to five in just one day?

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