Life always throws unexpected problems at us, and we have to make necessary adjustments to cope with it. Charlotte Sapwell became homeless when her marriage ended. Instead of getting a new home that could drain her savings, she built one herself with just 10K! Let’s take a closer look!

1. Doing It For The Boys

Luckily, Charlotte was permitted to build the house in her grandpa’s backyard. She could guess how hard the process would be, but she was determined to put a roof over her boys’ heads. It took her a year and a half to complete the construction, and the result was amazing!

2. Small But Big Enough

Covering only 230 square feet of land, Charlotte’s tiny home seems too small for a family of 3. “The first few weeks were hard with 3 people living in a box,” she said, “but when things started happening like running water, we all got excited.” Let’s check out the ingenious design inside!

3. A Room For The Boys

The boys’ bedroom is Charlotte’s proudest creation. “It fills my heart with joy that my boys finally get to have a place of their own.” However, given the limited space inside the house, she had to squeeze her own bed into the living room next door.

4. The Living Room

Charlotte housed her bed, the kitchen area, and the dining table all in the living room. She sold everything that wouldn’t fit into her new home. After doing so, she realized that a house didn’t need too much stuff and downsizing could actually help her focus in this hectic world.

5. Lots Of Space

The living room is arranged in an efficient way so that the kids have enough space to run around. And wait till you see the backyard outside!

6. An Icecream Stand

Since Charlotte was on a tight budget, she had to be a little creative in order to make things work. She built numerous toys and instruments for her boys, including this lovely ice cream stands in the backyard!

7. A Great Woman And A Great Mom

With determination and hard work, Charlotte managed to turn her family’s life around. And more importantly, she taught her kids an important lesson that there’s nothing a woman can’t do as long as she sets her mind to it.

8. Tiny Houses On The Rise

After Charlotte’s story went viral, she decided to launch a construction company to help those struggling with financial problems. “Tiny houses offer an affordable and simple lifestyle, which is a great way to reduce our financial stress.”

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