Certainly not the longest marriage in the history of Hollywood but one of the strongest. Jeff Bridges and his lovely wife Sue have been married since 1977…45 years!

A marriage that produced three beautiful daughters . . . Haley, Jessica, and Isabelle.

. . . and a granddaughter, Grace, who calls him Dude-Pa (!)

Jeff Bridges’ parents, Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges, also had a longtime marriage.

. . for 59 years until his death in 1998 ..

Once, on a talk show, the host asked Jeff what the secret is to his longtime marriage. His reply was .. “Well, you just don’t get divorced”. The audience laughed; they thought he was making a joke. He smiled and said, “No, no .. I’m serious. You work it out”. Good philosophy ..

I love this photo …

.. and this one

Like The Dude, their marriage abides. And Jeff finally wins a well-deserved Oscar after seven (!) nominations.. Crazy Heart 2009

Source: Quora

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