Months after his mother-in-law died, a husband showed his wife the letter her mother had given him on their wedding day. After reading it, the wife was overtaken by emotions. Find out what the woman wrote.

Nikki Pennington, prone to anxiety attacks since her childhood, always found support in her mother during difficult times. Sadly, Pennington’s mom passed away, but she was touched to find out that her mom de ella found a way to be with her even after she died.

In a post on Pennington’s Instagram page, “Grief 2 Hope,” she explained that her mom had given her husband a note on their wedding day, which she never saw until months later. Here are more details on the story.

[Left]  Picture of Nikki Pennington's mom ; [Right] Picture of Nikki Pennington and her husband on their wedding day with her mother |

[Left] Picture of Nikki Pennington’s mom ; [Right] Picture of Nikki Pennington and her husband on their wedding day with her mother |


Pennington’s mother had always been that supportive and loving mother in her daughter’s life. When she died, Pennington was devastated and full of grief, mainly because of the anxiety attacks that had troubled her since her childhood.

Pennington feared that she had lost the one person in her life that completely understood her, especially when anxiety took over her. The day her mother died, Penny called her husband de ella, devastated, and said:

“My person is gone. The one, the only one who could calm my fears, she’s gone.”

At that time, her husband disclosed a secret he had kept from her since their wedding. Pennington’s mother had given a note to her son-in-law on their wedding day.

The note was titled “How to be Nikki’s person.” The letter explained what she would do when her daughter de ella suffered from an anxiety attack, one step at a time.

In step one, Pennington’s mom advised her son-in-law to listen to his wife, while step two insisted on listening to some more. She advised him not to try and solve her problems in step three.

Step four was to tell his wife that he understood her, and step five was to listen to her until she sorted things independently like she always did.

Pennington noted that the woman wanted her son-in-law to know how to take care of her daughter when she was no more. Thankfully, Pennington’s husband took every instruction in the note seriously and cared for his wife from her after her mom died.


In another story, a woman diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2013 and had a few months to live penned down notes for her four children to be opened at certain ages and milestones of their lives. Jacqueline Zinn’s first letter to her son de ella, Jerry, was to be opened when she died.

After Zinn passed, Jerry finally read the note, which left him emotional. In the letter, her mother expressed her regret for having to die and leave her son at a young age. She also encouraged Jerry to be grateful for every moment and try to live happily.

In the second letter, opened when Jerry graduated from the University of North Carolina, Zinn wrote: “My sweet dear Jerry, well — this is it — a big milestone in your life — college graduation! Congratulations. I am so incredibly proud of you no matter what your major or minors.” She added:

“I know you made it worthwhile and got just exactly what you wanted to out of the experience. I know you learned an incredible amount about subjects and probably an even greater amount about people.”

After reading the letter, Jerry explained that he thought of dropping out at various times in school. However, he knew that he would never get the letter if he did. So, it motivated him to keep going. Even though Zinn is no more, apart from her de ella remains with her children de ella.

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